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Jan Smolik was born in Holdrege, Nebraska. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and her Master’s degree in art from the…

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image      PLACES….

I have a restlessness that determines how long I can stay seated at one table, in one chair for any length of time.  The feeling that I’m missing something in the next county or the next town drives me to go see what I can see.

There have been places that I loved and are etched in my memory along with the sunrise, midday or sunset–and the aesthetic that the light created on the scene.  Or, maybe it was the moon and the stars or perhaps the clouds, the fog that shielded the light. Whatever the atmosphere, the Place was interesting to me.

I’ve not liked every Place.  Some were too harsh and some were permeated with a circumstance that made me feel badly.  But every Place could be curious enough for me to go and put the memory in a sketch, a painting or a photo.

And, most Places….I Loved.




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