WORRY TAKE WING       Ink.  9 x 12                                 BAXTER              incorporated                                                                                                                                                                                           

image                            image


An artist does not live in a black and white world.  Not only do we find a lot of gray areas,  “red, blue and yellow” keep popping into our visions along with all the tonal values of their mixtures.

However, black ink and a bit of water can so quickly capture a fleeting moment.  In an instant, just the form into which a creature dissolves can channel universal feelings held by all of us.



Or,  as it did, Ink could go along with my sketch book and with me to Paris and we would study a place famous to all literature junkies that is struggling for relevance in a technological age–The Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore .  I sat, quietly, for a long time observing this writer’s room imagining the energy and the ideas that had gone through there with Hemingway and all the others.

I’ve decided that the love affair with paper and bohemians will not be defeated by the digital age.  And, thanks to Ink, I’m content to have this reminder of what I saw and felt.





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