PAGE 3, Transition from the Plains to the Pacific



imageDUSK AT THE VINEYARD    oil   9 x 12                1500.   (framed)

HIBERNATION              oil    20 x 30                       3000.  (framed)


The general consensus is that an ideal place to live includes a mild climate with no movement from warm months into the cold.  It is my feeling that overlooks the beauty and mystique that comes with the hibernating life.  Although I have followed the sun to the Pacific shore, I yearn for the beautiful colors I found on the Grassland–the royal blue sky and golden grasses of October, the emerald and the rusts of November and the blue tinged snow that covered the hills in February.

Though the prairie was my element, when my husband passed away in September of 2012, I transitioned to the Pacific shore.  He was my entertainment, there, and my teaching career had held me giving me purpose.  But, without either, I have come to the ocean searching for a new palette.


                                 NEW HORIZON      oil.  8 x 10           SOLD

image    HEISLER PARK          9 x 12           350.

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